MERKLE & PARTNER and EDAG Engineering GmbH established cooperation in the field of simulation technology

EDAG, the world’s largest independent engineering service provider from Wiesbaden, and simulation specialist MERKLE & PARTNER are initiating cooperation in the field of CFD simulation technology in order to be able to provide their customers with comprehensive solutions on highest technical level.

As a developer of complete vehicles, the EDAG Group offers a wide range of simulation applications to ensure the digital support and optimization of all stages of the product development process.

The acknowledged expertise of MERKLE & PARTNER in the field of fluid mechanics (CFD) is the ideal complement to the expertise of the EDAG Group in the digital product environment. “With this intention in mind, we will in the future be joining forces to continue to expand our existing business activities in this area”, explains Jörg Hülsmann, Head of CAE and Vehicle Safety of EDAG. “Through our cooperation, we will integrate MERKLE & PARTNER in international projects being carried out in our global customer network. A true win-win situation in which also our customers will benefit from the integrated high-level portfolio of simulation applications.”

Stefan Merkle, founder & general manager of MERKLE & PARTNER, is also very pleased: “The cooperation facilitates MERKLE & PARTNER global access to new customers and projects – the project scope is also becoming much larger and more complex. This will enable us to grow even faster and further deepen our knowledge.”

The range of services in fluid mechanics extends from single-phase and multi-phase flows to particle simulations. Within the cooperation we will apply our respective competencies project-specifically for the benefit of our customers. Among other things, the enhanced performance is expected to contribute to cope with the increasing number of complete vehicle developments and to enable component and module developments to be provided as complete solutions.

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