Only horror stories with plastics? – Not with us!

By now, plastics are almost exclusively related to pollution and tortured animals in the relevant media.

But although waste and plastic waste disposal are important issues, we should not forget that plastic is one of the most versatile materials whose potential is far from depleted.

Image 1: Turtle with plastic straw

Image 2: Plastic waste at the beach

Today, there is a variety of additives, such as fillers, paint particles, fibers and metal flakes, which make the enormous additional properties of plastics and elastomers possible. Thus, by short or longer fibers, the strength characteristics can be greatly enhanced. Also, the thermal conductivity can be increased by adding copper plates.

Plastics and elastomers are inherently a highly nonlinear issue, that places high requirements on calculation, especially when additives are added.

To raise 30 years of plastics calculation at Merkle & Partner to new levels, we extended our website with the subject of plastics.
Visit us at and find out how we can help you calculate your components efficiently and accurately.

In addition, we suggest that you participate in our plastics symposium, where you can personally exchange ideas with us and other experts:
On 11/13/19 from 2pm to 6pm we hold a beginner’s seminar on plastics engineering, in which we focus on calculation basis. The seminar is aimed at design engineers, calculation engineers and project managers, who want to focus more on plastics and elastomers in the future.
On 11/14/19 from 9am to 5pm we will show a mixture of industry lectures and current research results from our research projekt SmartSim. This year, a special topic is the impact of media influences on plastics. In this case, of course, it’s not about the press and co., but about the behaviour of other aggressive media, such as oil, water, etc.

It is best to register immediately and secure one of the coveted spots early on.
We look forward seeing you.


Stefan Merkle

PS: When assistance is needed to collect plastic waste on the oceans, we of course can also help there on.

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