Do you visit your GP when you need open heart surgery?

Open Heart Surgery

Probably not. What a stupid question.

But more and more service providers from the design environment are now making simulations. The systems are always easier to use and CAD integrated systems hardly cost hardly any more.

And since the calculation is so simple, you can also distribute the software, develop components, take care of the production, are “specialist” for this and for the whole pop up store.

I was at the NAFEMS seminar in Bamberg at the end of April. I could hardly believe what I was seeing and hearing when Erke Wang from CADFEM announced that it would be best to start with Multiphysics and stuff everything into simulation, which is totally feasible at the current level of technique (sorry… software development).

Any objections?

Unfortunately, on a day to day basis, more and more “calculations” I see are not worth the paper on which the colorful pages are printed on.

Solid calculations are still a one of the most important foundations in my opinion. Just because more and more people can use the software does not increase the quality of what is done with it.

The opposite is usually the case…

A computer engineer should be able to use paper and pocket calculators to track his results at factor 2 or better.

University graduates, including those with a phD, fail miserably at the simplest tasks, e.g. sketching the bending moment profile of a 3-supporting carrier by means of how much a geometric rod of aluminum behaves as a steel rod of the same design.

What great “calculation results” are coming to us when multiphysics tasks (coupled calculations, like flow structure) are calculated by laymen who are unable to trace the simplest static results.

That is why we decided from the beginning to do the calculations. And we want to be the best. Temp out employees with nothing to do, sell software, construct components, and make calculations!

After all, I wouldn’t go to the family doctor if I needed to have an open heart surgery. Right?

In this case I prefer to go to a specialist; someone he or she does every single day…

Yours truly,
Stefan Merkle