Mounting Simulation

Simulation of assembly and disassembly based on an example of a snap connection

Mounting Simulation

Definition of Task
The ball of a snap-fit connection is to be pressed into a mount for assembly. The goal is to achieve the lowest possible force during assembly, but to achieve a great force during disassembly. For this purpose, a simulation is carried out taking into account the damage to the material during assembly. The disassembly is then simulated.

The following video demonstrates the plastic strains:


Stress-strain diagram
The material is assumed to be multilinear in the simulation.
Montage simulation chart

Assembly and Disassembly Forces
The mounting forces contribute to the design and selection of the tools.
The blue curve shows an alternative material.
Montage simulation chart

During the assembly simulation, the behavior of different materials during the assembly or disassembly process of the snap connection was investigated. For this purpose, the maximum mounting forces as well as the strength of the different materials were determined.

Benefit for our customers
In a short time, this simulation done with little effort provides information about which material is suitable for this connection. Thus, feasibility can be examined at an early stage of development. Furthermore, the costs can be estimated.

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