Nuclear waste as an opportunity

In 2013, the Federal Government issued the location selection law for the search of a final depot for radioactive wastes. Although there is the given possibility of a return within a period of 500 years, the final depot will be construed for a duration of 1 million years.

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The nuclear waste issue is emotionally engaged

The storage of nuclear waste is principally a technical question. The storage in suitable rock layers generally makes sense, but it is essential to monitor the storage for its entire duration.

This offers the option to retrieve the waste at any time, for example, to change the containers or to use the materials otherwise. The technical development is as unclear as much as the exact decay of the isotopes can be predicted. It generally gets very expensive if a decision made today, coupled with irreversible conditions just as in the case of the Asse II, proves to be technically wrong in the future.

Nuclear waste

The technical development is not coming to an end

Things that are normal to us today (flying, cell phone, washers) used to be considered science fiction. We certainly are in the technological stone age in some areas. That is why it is important to keep the options open – even with nuclear waste. Is it, therefore, unlikely that this will be considered a chance or commodity a few generations later?

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