2021 satirical reality 4.0 – an incredulous look at the world

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From time to time it comes over me and then I have to make a biting comment on current world events.

It’s true that I then get a lot of nasty mails, occasional unsubscribes from my blog, but I also get those when I report on bra simulations where I’m accused of pure sexism.

So if you have high blood pressure and want to weigh every word on the gold scale, by all means do not read on now. Even if you belong to the vilified target group of politicians, civil servants, the pharmaceutical industry and lobbyists, the media or those who ride their bicycles in the forest at night wearing a mask, this is not for you. You could be harmed in life and limb.

What caught my eye:

Deaths at the Uhldingen-Mühlhofen retirement home

Two days after vaccination, 13 residents of a nursing home died. According to the newspaper report, the cause is not, as I suspected, the weakened immune system due to the vaccination, no, it comes, one suspects, from a mutated variant that could be identified shortly before. This mutation seems to be very fast and does not adhere to incubation periods at all. Two days before, corresponding corona tests on the deceased were negative.

Anyway, the people eat it.

Jobs will be lost

An outcry goes through the Ländle: Daimler now builds its combustion engines in China. Only electromobility is still being researched and built here. Jobs are migrating… maybe this is just the beginning? There are only 800,000 direct jobs in the automotive industry, and 2.5 million indirect jobs.

The scandal is a different one: Daimler collects short-time allowances and pays generous dividends.

As an aside, China has now realized that the energy density of regenerative energies is not sufficient and is increasingly relying on emission-optimized combustion engines.

Speaking of jobs: A newspaper article reports on the rise in unemployment in January and immediately provides the explanation: The cold weather is to blame!??? No, the fact that stores in the city center may close forever, hotels close, etc. has nothing to do with it.

The new experts

Carla Reemtsma and her cousin, Luisa Neubauer, explain the world of the Green Deal to us. When asked what will happen to the unemployed who lose their jobs during the Great Reset, we learn that they will be taken care of with Hartz 4 and the unconditional basic income. Well, reminds me of the quote from Marie Antoinette, the people have no bread? Then they’ll just have to eat cake.

A product of our green education system that has lost touch with reality.

Entrepreneur Aids

The situation is not that bad economically; of the billions made available for the economy, only a small part has been called up so far. Yes, that’s right, companies in the catering industry, which have been completely closed since November, have not even received the aid from November. After all, they sell 10 meals a day, do not have to pay their employees (who are on Hartz 4, because there is no KUG for mini-jobs) and the whole thing is still programmed for the bazooka.

Power outage in Texas

In Houston, the energy capital of all places, and in Texas, there is a power outage lasting several hours and days. The cause was iced-up wind turbines, which probably cover 25% of the electricity demand. The neglected fossil technology was no longer able to absorb the disaster. Did I read anything in the paper about this? Oh that’s right, I hardly read the newspaper anymore.

The economist Lars Feld leaves

The one of the 5 economic experts who spoke out vehemently in favor of the debt brake is eliminated. From now on, states can go into debt as they please, because we now have the new monetary theory.

“Modern Money Theory”, often abbreviated to MMT. In essence, this theory says that our economic system cannot function without government debt. Deficits are good, not bad. The more debt, the better, after all, we have negative interest rates.

Well, electricity is yellow and the earth is a disc.

What goes through my mind about Corona

From my layman’s understanding, viruses have existed on our planet for quite some time, somewhat longer than so-called intelligent life. A virus survives through mutations and has only a limited interest in the death of its host. By the way, just like the pharmaceutical industry, which already wants us patients to be able to eat the delicious drug cocktails for as long as possible, without which, apparently, life in old age is no longer possible.

I do believe that there is a dangerous virus wreaking havoc, but I don’t believe we will eradicate it, any more than the pharmaceutical industry does. As for the severity of the pandemic, thank God we don’t have any more flu deaths, thanks to the hygiene measures, of course.

By the way, did the 800,000 flu deaths worldwide of 2018 all go gently to sleep? I honestly can’t really imagine.

Our orthodox medicine makes us believe that all diseases are due to malfunctions in the biochemistry of a body. Then, of course, the only solution is to intervene with biochemistry.

Personal feeling apparently has nothing to do with it.

So then we just have to put up with our kids going nuts in homeschooling and grandpa and grandma dying when we come to visit them at Christmas.

So you have to vaccinate.

According to Karl Lauterbach, my favorite chaos merchant and rent-a-mouth, the pharmaceutical industry earns nothing from vaccines, after all.

There the old Romans were probably somewhat further. Seneca put the mind above the body and Juvenal coined the expression “In a healthy body lives a healthy mind”. Well, that seems to have been lost, at least in its intelligent form. I thought laughter expressed that one was well. When was the last time you saw our Chancellor laugh?

That really gives you courage when the top brass is already creeping through the corridors full of fear and dramatizing how bad everything is. For this purpose, our top management has well stocked up with Prof. Schellnhuber, Mr. Lothar Wieler and the doomsday apostles of the Club of Rome, such as Klaus Schwab and consorts.

Everything under the cover of the science and the Alternativlosigkeit.

The only lack of alternatives, on the other hand, seems to me to be the possibility of an election in September of this year.

What can we do better:

Perhaps we should switch our brains back on, question the abstruse world-improvement theories and trust in our engineers and scientists who have still developed working solutions.

In the short term, a targeted opening plan from the shutdown will help, where the rules of the game are not arbitrarily changed in the manner of a lord of the manor. Perhaps politicians will also contribute and forgo 20 percent of their income until an orderly normalcy is restored. Then perhaps the necessary self-drive will be there.

Vaccination should be voluntary. Without restrictions for the non-vaccinated. Then vaccination proponents and opponents are both served.

And if you think it is irresponsible to other people to go through life unvaccinated, a little tip: No one gets out alive. That’s just life.


With best regards

Stefan Merkle

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