Since mid-2008, a modern sports prototype race car has been under development in the STEP1 network (Sportprototype Team Engineering Project 1). The STEP1 team now consists of a considerable number of companies and individuals from the development, calculation, production, testing and marketing sectors, among others. They have made it their task to jointly contribute to the development of the vehicle by contributing their respective competencies.


The basis of the racing car with the type designation MiKar C301B is the E2/C3 car class of the FIA regulations for two-seater, open sports cars. Hillclimb races are individual time trials on an ascending track, typically closed-off country roads, where the finish line is higher than the start line. For the time being, the car is used in hillclimb championships.

Task and calculation

  • CFD analysis of vehicle flow
  • cW-cA value optimization: "More downforce, less drag
  • Tuning of the aerodynamic balance
  • design and optimization of isolated components (front/rear wings)
  • time-efficient development of different aerodynamic setups


The calculation of the aerodynamics of vehicles is a very sensitive topic. Unfortunately, we cannot show you any current projects at this point due to confidentiality reasons.

However, we are able to determine the effects in the wind tunnel or on the road, taking into account the vehicle flow, engine compartment flow, engine cooling, brake cooling,etc. and to determine lift and drag coefficients. Even for vehicles for which there is no CAD data, we can scan the geometry and evaluate and optimize the effect of, for example, spoilers, fairings, etc., even for individual parts.

The field of aerodynamics merges with the topics of thermal management, since especially in sports cars the cooling air is limited and the various radiators must be cooled sufficiently. We would be happy to show you where we can support you in order to optimize driving behavior and limit losses.


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