Company event times properly

Company event - many of you probably associate it with food. Lots of food, good food, eating together... We had that too, but our company event with motorcycles to Austria, Italy and Switzerland had much more to offer.

As every year, the motto was: "On your bikes, get set, go!"


What can be experienced on a motorcycle tour with colleagues...

If you ever want to ride a motorcycle in the A-CH-I border triangle, I can highly recommend the Passo dal Fuorn (Ofen Pass) - an extremely motorcycle-friendly alternative to the well-known Stelvio Pass, winding through a picturesque landscape in Italy and Switzerland. One of the absolute highlights of our tour! The old Vinadi-Samnaun pass road is also a nice route, as long as you don't have trouble with sudden loss of visibility through dark rock tunnels and find water on the road a fun change of pace. The Stelvio Pass and the descent towards Bormio should also be seen once in your motorcycle life. But beware, there the photographers are just waiting to pull the trigger at the right moment 😉.

Exciting on our tour, however, were not only the passes and mountains, but also the group itself. While the Road Captain aimed a knee slider (= a popular piece of equipment on leather hitchhikers, which is supposed to prevent the knee itself from slipping) at an unsuspecting fellow rider, two other riders had enough spare parts with them to be able to assemble an additional motorcycle.

Said rock tunnels at Vinadi-Samnaun tempted a fellow Chopper to a slide, an Enduro refused electronic cooperation and our only "green" bike wouldn't start after a siesta with the ignition on.

Two particularly motivated colleagues were happy about the challenge and pushed them on - uphill, of course!

On the way home, however, no one was motivated anymore. After we had already involuntarily showered for over two hours in the pouring rain the day before, sought refuge in every tunnel and had to dry all our clothes overnight in the ski and heating room, we stepped skeptically out the (still dry) door on the last morning. On the way, we had steady rain, single-digit degrees at Hahntennjoch, cows on the roads, and a traffic jam that stretched along the German autobahn from the border with Austria to well past Heidenheim.

Loosely based on Murphy's Law, "If you have to ride a motorcycle, there will definitely be rain, hail and thunderstorms..."

And the good food? Oh yes, that was in the evening in the company of like-minded motorcycle friends who, like us, set out on the tour in all weathers, arrive in the evening completely sweaty, dripping wet from the rain or dog-tired and yet can philosophize euphorically at the end of the day. Schee woars!

With this in mind, I wish you a wonderful 2021 motorcycle season and Ride Safe!

Your Stefan Merkle

PS: Did you know that you can rent our MERKLE & PARTNER GbR motorcycle trailer? Just send us an email with your request to bike@merkle-partner.de.

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