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März 2011 | NAFEMS International Journal of CFD Case Studies

Simulation of the Temperature Distribution in Automotive Head Lamps

The design of head lamps plays an important part in the development process of modern cars as it contributes significantly to the first impression of a car. However, beyond the design aspect technical requirements have to be fulfilled. These are foremost the lighting ...

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April 2008 | Process Technology & Automation SELECT

Defusing the "floating bomb"

Natural gas is currently experiencing a massive increase in demand with 2.8 trillion cubic meters of the affordable alternative to petroleum being consumed worldwide in 2005 according to the Feder Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources ...

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Februar 2008 | BUSINESS Mag

Prevention is better than cure

Any company that develops and produces technical products is forced to meet growing requirements on product quality and cut the total time to market and costs at the same time. Virtual prototypes or numerical simulations are increasingly used to achieve ...

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