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MERKLE & PARTNER is to benefit from the development of mega-trends by partnerships in innovative networks. Co-operations reach from the development up to the marketing of the results.

These networks are being supervised by EurA Consult GmbH and are NEMO projects supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in the course of the ZIM program (central innovation program for small and medium-sized enterprises).

MERKLE & PARTNER is member of the following networks:


Via the e-mobilitynetwork light-weight components for electric mobility are to be developed and marketed. The network is to establish a platform for mid-sized component industry enabling an early and solid preparation for the upcoming changes in electro mobility.

The focus is on new developments resp. joint R&D activities for e-cars. Research groups have been established relating drive, energy management and car body/chassis.

In future, the complete value chain of the mid-sized component industry is to be represented within the network: suppliers, machine manufactures, tool manufacturers, engineering offices, component suppliers, service providers and institutes/universities.



The Green IT network aims at the establishment of a technology platform, creation of an innovation concept and the development of appropriate measures for the development, implementation and marketing of systems which are to realize cost reductions of 10% to 50% in IT and data processing centers by increasing energy efficiency.

Among others, this will be realized by the development of software and services for the control and processing of applications and data in data processing centers, development of new hardware for the conversion of heat from servers and development of systems for the economic re-use in buildings.

In recent years, innovation competence has been expanded by own product developments as well as new products and services have been introduced successfully onto the market. The network comprises the complete value chain resp. all sectors of production, set up and monitoring of computer capacities including the users of data processing centers.



HybridSens pursues the standardization of transmission and evaluation units of sensors. Here, the goal is to establish a competence and technology platform for the development, combination and marketing of innovative sensors and sensor products, sensor data acquisition, analysis and evaluation and visualization concepts for information and data.

The target markets for hybrid sensor systems are particularly industrial automation systems, alternative energy generation, food industry, medical technology and surface engineering.

The network consists of sensor technology developers and users, engineering services providers and research institutes The companies are to combine their potential, find out synergies and realize and market ideas resulting from the cooperation in joint R&D projects.



Since the middle of 2008, STEP1 – Sport-Prototype Team Engineering Project 1 has been developing a modern sport-prototype racing car. In the meantime, the STEP1-Team consists of a considerable number of companies and individuals amongst others from the following sectors: development, computation, production, technical testing and marketing. They want to jointly contribute to the development of the car with their particular competences.

Basis of the racing car with the type designation MiKar C301B is the E2/C3 vehicle class of the FIA regulations for two-seated, open sports cars. Hill climbs are individual time trials on rising routes, which typically are cordoned-off roads, with a finish line situated higher than the starting line. For the time being, the car will be introduced at hill climb championships.


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