Developing new methods to better design 3D printers to produce integrated plastic components. 

Project duration: 2014 bis 2016 

Merkle Partner 3D Printer

The goal of the project was to develop new processes to improve the design of 3D printers for the production of integrated plastic components.

The development project made it possible for the first time to simulate the changed flow behavior of highly filled plastics. For the first time, both steady-state and transient effects were to be taken into account. In a second step, the simulation model was to be extended to include the calculation of the filler orientation, since the orientation mainly determines the properties of the component. In addition, it should be possible to transfer the filler orientation to programs for structural analysis (FEM), since this information is fundamental for the design of filled plastic components.  

All project objectives were achieved. 

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ZIM Kooperationsprojekt 
Merkle & Partner GbR 
Universität Stuttgart 


2014 bis 2016 

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