Packing optimization

Development of a method for the numerical optimization of packed beds for the chemical industry.

Project duration: 2009 bis 2011 

merkle partner filler optimisation

Until now, the production of new packing geometries has been carried out by means of elaborate tests. According to manufacturers, it has not been possible to approach the subject via flow simulations because the packing is chaotic and therefore cannot be represented in a CAD model.

These manual tests cause considerable costs for the users. In addition, these manual tests lead to a high amount of time needed for development and thus also to an expensive delay in production. 

Merkle & Partner developed an idea for a method for this purpose, which was to be realized within the scope of this project. 

The aim of the project was to develop a simulation model that would make it possible to test and optimize the packing materials not individually for each chemical substance, as was previously the case, in a very time-consuming and lengthy test procedure, but to map this in a virtual procedure in which various geometries can be created in the CAD model and numerically investigated and optimized.  

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Merkle & Partner GbR 


2009 bis 2011 

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