Development of a method for realistic, fast and economical calculation and design of damping elements for shock and vibration decoupling.

Project duration: 2021-

Merkle Partner Smartdamp

The aim of this project is to develop a methodical procedure for the design and development of passive vibration absorbers made of elastomers and elastomer composites.

Elastomer composites are hybrid composites of metal or hard plastic and elastomer, whereby the elastomer can be a crosslinked, vulcanized system (rubber) or a thermoplastic (TPE).  

As part of the development for a methodical approach, the following points are to be considered in the project:

  • the matching of the damper to the overall system in terms of the necessary stiffness and damping properties 
  • the frequency- and temperature-dependent material properties 
  • the topology/shape/geometry/composite properties/preload of the vibration damper 
  • the fatigue strength properties (fatigue behavior) of a metal/polymer/plastic compound 

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ZIM Kooperationsprojekt 
Merkle & Partner GbR 
Hochschule Aalen 



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