Thermal shock test stand

Development of a thermal shock and pressure pulsation test bench for cooling circuits for all climatic zones for vehicles with combustion engines and electric motors.

Project duration: 2013 bis 2015 

merkle partner cooling circuit

Due to the different temperature requirements of the components of hybrid or even electric vehicles, it is necessary to integrate several circuits with different temperature levels into one vehicle.

A distinction is made here, for example, between the main circuit for the combustion engine and secondary circuits for battery cooling and charge air cooling, for example. These are controlled by means of thermostats and switching valves. Due to the thermostats, which are controlled very quickly, temperature differences of >100 K can occur within very short times (<2 sec.) under extreme conditions.
These thermal differences place a heavy load on the components of the cooling circuits and can lead to failures. The switching valves for regulating the coolant flows in the individual circuits can generate high pressure peaks in individual cases, which in turn can lead to component failure.  

Merkle und Partner has developed 1D models in Matlab Simulink to describe the effects mathematically. There was very good agreement between the test rig built by PTS-Prüftechnik and the simulation. 


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ZIM Kooperationsprojekt 
Merkle & Partner GbR 
PTS-Prüftechnik GmbH 


2013 bis 2015 

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