Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics as a cost-effective alternative

We solve simple up to the most complex tasks starting with pure channel flow up to dynamic grids, chemical reactions and coupled issues (radiation / flow / structure).

Among others, this also includes fillings, the behaviour of particles in fluids, multiphase flows, tank sloshing, outdoor exposure, non-newtonian fluids.

Fluid mechanics contains the following areas

  • steady / unsteady flows
  • laminar / turbulent flows (including various turbulence models)
  • incompressible and compressible flows (transonic, supersonic)
  • Flows with (coupled) heat transfer (heat conduction, convection, radiation) Conjugated Heat Transfer CHT
  • Flows with chemical reactions (including combustion)
  • Multiphase flows (sprays, mixing, cavitation, condensation, evaporation, free surface flows etc.)
  • Complex geometries (including dynamic grids e.g. cylinder movements in engines)
  • Much more...

Application Ranges

  • Automotive industry
  • > Air flow around and in a vehicle
  • > engine cooling system
  • > engine combustion
  • > outdoor weathering
  • Motor sports
  • > race car aerodynamics
  • > design and optimization
  • > erodynamic balance adjustment
  • > raising aerodynamic efficiency: “more downforce, less drag”
  • > time efficient development of different aerodynamic setups
  • Aerospace industry
  • Power engineering
  • > turbines
  • > compressors
  • > combustion chambers
  • > condensers, wind power
  • > biogas plants
  • Process engineering, chemical industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical engineering
  • Plant engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Cooling of electronic components
  • Building services engineering including air conditioning
  • Hydraulics

Contact our engineering office:

Stefan Merkle
  • +49 (0) 7321 9343-0
  • kontakt@merkle-partner.de


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