Numerical simulations are often an enrichment for product development. Here it often makes sense to integrate these analyses sustainably into one's own development. In this way, the knowledge advantage is constantly used, products are further developed with all innovation possibilities and the quality is increased. Use this know-how for your company.

On request, we can train your calculation engineers, designers and developers in the use of numerical calculations and the interpretation of the results. This can refer to the operation of the software, the application of methods and corresponding standards or just to the reading and understanding of calculation reports - it's up to you. We offer what you want to build up in terms of know-how and the knowledge to be able to use all useful simulation tools and tools in a targeted manner.


Of course, we support you in your product development at any time. Nevertheless, only the know-how and understanding of the tools makes all aspects of the calculations usable. If your designers can access their own tools at any time, this creates freedom and empowerment for your department.

Higher creativity

The better your designers are also trained in simulation technologies, the more constructive and effective the exchange among them will be. Solutions can be designed faster and often with higher quality.

Increasing innovative strength

After implementing new simulation technologies, it often happens that adjacent development departments also benefit from the new technologies - when colleagues exchange ideas and new ideas are developed for further use.

Targeted investment

Knowledge transfer makes sense when the knowledge is directly applicable. Focus on applications that add value to your company directly and concretely. Because with the knowledge transfer of how certain simulations should be performed, you focus on exactly those applications that you really need.


The right partner

Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH has been active in the field of engineering calculation with FEM and CFD simulations for over 30 years. 
In hundreds of projects each year, we make invisible physical phenomena visible, help to better understand and optimize structures and products. And deliver meaningful approaches to solutions. With added value.

When does knowledge transfer make sense?

Through comprehensive familiarization with the relevant tools, we provide your designers with new freedom and empowerment.

By familiarizing your designers with the relevant tools, a more efficient exchange can of course also take place among each other, thus increasing the creativity of your employees.


The innovative power of design engineers is often increased by the use of new technologies that deal with simulation. This allows new ideas to be implemented quickly.

You can simply work with our data. Because we use the software you know and use internally.

Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH not only has a lot of experience. We work on the basis of the latest technologies, are involved in research projects and maintain close relationships with universities but also strategic partners from the industry. Take advantage of highly qualified know-how to advance your products and your company.

There is no more precise way to impart knowledge. Know-how that is really precisely tailored to the task at hand and conveyed at the right time. No knowledge with the watering can, but really focused.

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