There is always something to criticize about constructions, they are too expensive, too heavy, made of the wrong material, don't look good, harm the environment, are not efficient enough, have a bad efficiency or whatever else.

These properties, such as weight, can be specifically optimized. The manufacturing process also plays a role. For example, a lid made of cast iron looks different from a lid made of die-cast aluminum or injection molding.

We use all available optimization methods from single optimization by hand to brute force methods. With special tools we can, for example, optimize pressure losses in flows, increase the efficiency of compressors, adapt the material to the power flow and much more.
Design flaws, if they exist, we relentlessly point out. We will be happy to show you which is the most suitable process for your specific application. Please contact our technical sales department.

Should the answer to one of the following questions be

  • Too expensive?
  • Too loud?
  • Too heavy?
  • Development takes too long?
  • Consumes too much?
  • Doesn't deliver the performance?
  • Competition is better?

yes, talk to us. We will help you!