Nothing stresses you out more than when you've launched a design but don't know if it will stand up to the stresses. If you literally can't sleep soundly anymore, you know what I mean.

Often, cases of damage only become apparent after a certain period of time.

There is also no absolute safety for components, otherwise they would be priceless. But there is a state of the art, which is reflected in standards and which gives you security that you have developed your components with good knowledge and conscience. 
We test your components according to the relevant standards. Our "virtual" test benches perform in the computer what you would do in physical tests on the test bench.
While the physical test bench often only gives you the statement: "holds" or "does not hold", we show you the reserves of your component and also tell you if you have simply been lucky so far that nothing has happened.

The world is not black or white, but there are gradients between unsafe and safe. It's good to know where your design is at. Knowing this will point out when you should react or, in the best case, let you sleep more soundly again.