Technical simulations can be used in all product areas. From miniature components to submarines, from complex electronic assemblies to massive castings. Due to the high precision of modern calculations, it makes sense to use them even before the prototype phase, as this provides important insights at an early stage. But also in all further phases of product development, our simulations provide the decisive advantage for your product.

For product development and optimization, you use Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH's know-how, which offers you security in design, innovative approaches to product optimization and, of course, early insights into load capacity, possible weak points, stresses, service life or functional designs. All this with high time savings through digital prototyping.

Increase product quality

With the same or shorter development time, you can obtain data very quickly and precisely with targeted simulations to verify knowledge about the function, quality, load capacity and service life of your component. This gives you the opportunity to adapt designs, materials or assembly arrangements at an early stage in order to further increase the quality of your product.

Avoid risks

Whether undetected voltage peaks in the component, unfavorable thermal management in electronic components or stresses that are impermissibly high for the material - simulations reveal even the smallest weak points. In addition, you build on valid data. You know what loads your products can withstand. With certainty.

Master complexity

Increasing miniaturization, use of innovative materials, high power density in electronics or simply innovative designs; whenever things get complicated, the use of simulations is ideal. This enables you to calculate even complex products with multiple influencing factors. This offers you a high level of time savings and safety at the same time.

Increase innovative strength

Simulations allow you to gain insights into details that may be denied you in physical prototypes and experiments. At the same time, you can work with these details and related physical phenomena in a playful way. This offers a potential for innovative power and creativity that simulation technologies make even more valuable.

When does product development + optimization make sense?

Simulations can be used at any point in the product development or life cycle:

Product development

Already in the concept phase of product development, simulations can provide valuable assistance. Prototypes are simulated in advance and in many areas even replaced by numerical analyses. 
Mature, manufacturable models in the detailing phase are brought to production readiness via simulation. Here you get a high degree of security, since possible weak points or previously undetected stress peaks in parts or assemblies can be discovered early on through simulation. 

The first validation, assembly and functional test can already take place virtually. This allows you to detect errors in advance and also optimize the assembly process. 
Errors on prototype tests can be better evaluated and components can be optimized in a targeted manner. 

Manufacturing simulations, assembly simulations and computational verifications according to corresponding standards show you a clear path in the finishing phase or series development.

But the simulation also helps quickly and efficiently when problems arise at the customer's site.


Increase speed

The use of simulation technologies, especially in the early stages of product development, leads to early insights, deeper insights and more precise prototyping. Thus, they can not only bring enormous savings in terms of time, but also offer advantages in terms of product design. Numerical simulation can be carried out selectively in every phase of product development - even if, for example, it is "only" a matter of assembly simulation. By accompanying your projects from the very beginning, you make optimal use of all the advantages of simulation.

Maximize safety

Numerical analyses allow deep insights into physical processes both during production and operation of a product. This makes it possible, for example, to discover stresses or thermal effects that would only be revealed by long-term tests in conventional experiments. The advantage of numerical simulations: You can often detect these factors in the early stages of development and avoid them through optimization. This means you benefit from maximum safety, higher quality - if desired - and avoid expensive, failed tests.


The right partner

Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH has been active in the field of engineering calculation with FEM and CFD simulations for over 30 years. 
In hundreds of projects each year, we make invisible physical phenomena visible, help to better understand and optimize structures and products. And deliver meaningful approaches to solutions. With added value. 

If you want to gain new knowledge about the function, load capacity or service life of the component you need, a targeted simulation usually helps. Here you can identify problems and increase the quality of the product at an early stage.

You can identify the smallest weak points even before production using simulations. Through the data, they can precisely determine the load limits of the components.

The time factor is reduced by simulations, especially when multidimensional products with different influencing factors are involved. Nevertheless, safety remains guaranteed.

Simulations can be used to better exploit potentials within innovation and creativity in particular.

Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH not only has a lot of experience. We work on the basis of the latest technologies, are involved in research projects and maintain close relationships with universities but also strategic partners from the industry. Take advantage of highly qualified know-how to advance your products and your company.

Since we have been using simulations with Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH even in the early stages of product development, we have been able to accelerate market maturity by a factor of 3.

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