Electromagnetism can occur in components or electronic products depending on the material and current flow. Whether intentional or unintentional. By means of simulations, these physical processes can be detected or used in a targeted manner.


Optimization and dimensioning

Dimensioning of magnetic drives optimally adapted to the drive task. State-of-the-art optimization methods are used to design the drive for the lowest mass, shortest switching times and maximum power. Whether you are designing a new drive or improving an existing one, you can benefit from our extensive knowledge in the field of magnetic circuit design and optimization.

Feasibility studies

Based on analytical, network and FEM calculations, we outline an optimal constructive solution for you. We evaluate the realization possibilities and prepare a feasibility study for you. In addition, we support you in the preparation of the specification sheet, the incorporation of your customer specifications, the determination of installation space requirements, the specification and selection of materials and the determination of frame parameters.

FEM calculation

Whether static or dynamic, 2D or 3D - based on the analysis of the magnetic circuit, we provide you with an evaluation of your system and show you possibilities for improvement. We perform magnetic field calculations with the tools MAXWELL and Sesam.


Fields of application

  • Stationary electric fields
  • Harmonic electric fields
  • Transient (arbitrary time-dependent) electric fields
  • Static magnetic fields
  • Harmonic magnetic fields
  • Transient (arbitrary time dependent) magnetic fields
  • Coupled fields

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