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Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis


According to our experiences, the main application range of FE analysis is shifting from failure analysis to design resp. construction with increasing acceptance. Nevertheless, cases of damage still remain the typical FEM application and the main business of Merkle & Partner.

In case of component failures within the agreed service life, costs are often high due the substitution of the component itself, secondary damages as well as production downtimes resp. product recalls. A great many of these damages could have been identified by the early application of numerical simulations alreday in the design resp. construction phase. Therefore, failure prevention is to be preferred according to the proverb: "Prevention is better than cure".

 Areas of Application

  •  Collecting information on damage development
  •  Definition of boundary conditions and loads
  •  Recalculation of the component
  •  Explication of the damage
  •  Proposals for failure prevention
  •  Component optimization


 Practical Example

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