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Method Development

Method Development


Concerning complex modules (such as a complete vehicle), it is not yet possible to calculate all components with sufficient accuracy influencing the behaviour of a module or assembly with regard to the defined properties. Often, quality of the results shows deficits so that currently tests for the dimensioning of the component level as well as for the validation at the complete assembly are being required. Therefore, one key feature of current method development is the preparation of methods for the continuous functional design of all components.

Method projects realized by Merkle & Partner are e.g. the development of a model for the coupled analysis of flow and radiation in the engine bay of very large models, a method for calculating outdoor exposure at the complete vehicle (solar radiation, temporal temperatures inside the vehicle), positioning of loudspeakers in the vehicle interior reagarding optimum acoustics, determination of structure-borne sound levels at piston engines considering elasticity and inertia forces, models for the prediction of hot cracking at exhaust systems and heat exchangers etc.

 Practical Examples

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