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Product Development



Modern product developments with ever shorter development periods and the quickest possible market launch can only be realized with the consequent prevention of data redundancy.

We develop for you new products from idea to the manufacturable product and assist you from prototype design through to the test phase and initial operation.

The singular steps, the product runs through from idea to completion have to strictly be monitored by evaluation matrices. Here, various factors such as optics, design, market analyses, production characteristics, material and more play an important role.

Product development runs through a number of phases before it can be spoken of as "realized".

 Generation of Ideas and Research

For generating ideas, we refer to the extensive know-how of our staff, and to prove as well as new methods for the development of ideas.

For systematic generation of ideas, we use methods like TRIZ (Theory of Creative Problem Solving, abbreviation from Russian with analogous translation). Here, we benefit from our cross-sector work and the ability to take into account solution approaches from other industries. This is supported by literature research as well as search in internet and corresponding patent data bases.


 Concept Development

We develop different concepts for solution approaches on 3D-mockups, roughly analyze them already in advance via simulations and suggest 1 – 2 concepts to you for follow-up.

Selection of the concepts is carried out in close cooperation with you.


 Basic Dimensioning and Design

We have experienced designers and mechanical design engineers in an optimum CAE environment at our disposal.

Physical properties, such as stresses, deformations, fluid flow characteristics and temperature are simulated in order to recognize and optimize problem areas as soon as possible.



Optimization is performed on the basis of optimizations loops through virtual prototypes until the required characteristics are being achieved. Here, all state-of-the art methods, such as topology optimization, can be applied.


 Detailed Design Engineering

Subsequently, detailed design engineering is carried out and technical production drawings are derived.

We perform stress analyses, according to the respective engineering standards and clarify the verification requirements with the inspecting authorities (Germanischer Lloyd, TÜV, Bureau Veritas et al.).

We have more than 20 years of experience in computer aided engineering (CAE) and see design as closely connected to simulation. Concerning design, we work exclusively with 3D technology with so-called high-end-systems in close combination with the simulation. We also manage development projects which partly can be realized only together with calculation.


 Practical Example

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