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Aeroacoustics deals with the development and propagation of aerodynamically generated noises and their reduction. In recent years importance of aeroacoustics has grown strongly in aerospace and automative industry. Regarding vehicle acoustics, this is due to the customers' growing wish for comfort.


Merkle & Partner primarily deals with aeroacoustics in the vehicle sector as simulations are very complex and computationally intensive. With conventional fluid flow computations, small eddies are only looked at in a smeared way by corresponding turbulence models. However, these eddies are relevant for noise development e.g. when starting the fan in premium segment vehicles and thus have to be disintegrated locally and temporally. Here, so-called LES simulations are being applied. At present, these are our computationally most intensive applications.


 Application Ranges

Automotive industry


 Practical Exemples

  • Vehicle interior acoustics
  • Optimization of air discharge ports in vehicles regarding noise development


 Applied Software

  •  MGLET