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Containment Simulation


Containment, also called safety tank, is a safety device of nuclear power plants. Containment includes the nuclear reactor containment and is to protect the plant's environment from damage during normal operation but mainly in case of accidents.

Containment also means the protection from failing, fast rotating components by accordingly designed housings. If e.g. a grinding wheel cracks, the fragments must not exit the protecting housing.

In case of a cracking pump rotor, it must be granted that fragments are not to be released outside.

In case of cracking rotor blades in powertrains, it must be granted that the blades do not exit the housing.



 Application Ranges

Grinding wheels, flywheels, pumps, axial fans, radial fans, turbines, turbochargers, robot workspaces


 Practical Examples


 Applied Software

  •  ABAQUS Explizit
  •  LS-DYNA
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