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Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessel Calculation


Pressure vessels are closed tanks whose pressure inside is higher than the ambient pressure. Here, computational proof is often provided following the AD datasheets. Often, simple analytical methods or simplified FEM calculations are suffcient for such analyses.

 Pressure Vessels by Merkle & Partner

Merkle & Partner focusses on the calculation of more complex tanks which no longer can be calculated with simplified methods. Here, FE models of any geometry are applied. Proof can also be provided with non-linear behaviour, plasticity of the material, non-homogeneous temperature etc.

The resulting deformations and stresses can be analyzed according to all current standards and regulations (AD2000, ASME, KTA, EuroCode et al.).

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 Fluid dynamics

  •  Steady and unsteady flows
  •   Determination of heat transfer coefficients (alpha values)
  •  Determination of efficiency for pumps and refrigerating machines
  •  Pressure distribution


 Structural analysis and optimization

    Optimization target:
  •  Reduce weight
  •  Minimize material costs
  •  Lower installation costs
  •  Alternative materials

  • Optimization strategies:
  •  Topology optimization
  •  Design of Experiments (DoE)
  •  Behavioural Modeling Extension (BMX)
  •  Design optimization

  • Standards:
  •  AD-2000
  •  ASME Sec. 8 Div. 1+2
  •  ASME Sec. 3
  •  EN 13445
  •  EN 1591
  •  PD 5500
  •  TEMA
  •  KTA
  •  RCC-M


 Verification and fatigue strength

    Detailed structural verification
  •  Verification of load-bearing capacity
  •  Creep resistance verification
  •   Creep strain verification
  •   Shake-down verification
  •   Stability verification
  •   Proof of stability
  •  Creep fatigue and cyclic fatigue


 Areas of application

  •  Storage containers in the oil and gas industry
  •   Compressed air vessels
  •   Tank trailers and containers
  •   Pressure accumulator vessel
  •   Heat exchangers
  •   Process engineering vessels and appliances (e.g. columns)
  •   Heated / cooled vessels that are part of a system
  •   Separators / collectors / filters
  •   Pumps




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 Applied Software

  •  ANSYS
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