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Statics (physics) is part of mechanics dealing with forces in immobile systems.

Structural analysis is part of construction engineering dealing with the calculation of real static systems. Often, statics is the colloquial term for static calculation on basis and by means of structural analysis.

Statics in mechanical engineering deals with technical constructions and the loadings those can resist.

 Structural Analysis by Merkle & Partner

Merkle & Partner performs structural calculations in most different areas with focus on application of the finite element analysis of three-dimensional structures.

The approach is usually similar:

  1. Geometry is evaluated or developed from collected CAD data or drawings.
  2. The model is meshed.
  3. Material properties, conditions and loadings are determined.
  4. The calculation is being performed.
  5. Results are checked for plausibility and, if necessary, assumptions are corrected.
  6. Simulation results are analyzed and evaluated according to the corresponding relevant standards and regulations (FKM, AD2000, Eurocode, ASME, KTA, HBS etc.).
  7. In a detailed report, input data and results are presented both tabularly and with colour graphics, discussed and documented.
  8. At your request, we present the results at your premisses und discuss them together.
  9. In case of critical points or excessive dimensions, an optimization can take place.


 Application Ranges

  •  Strength analyses of pressure vessels, housings, pumps and fittings
  •  Strength analyses of tanks, containers, foundations
  •  Statics of installations, supporting structures from steel
  •  Strength analyses of plastic parts
  •  Strength analyses of frames


 Practical Examples


 Applied Software

  •  ANSYS
  •  Pro/Mechanica
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