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Crash Simulation

Crash Simulation


Crash simulation has become an essential instrument in the development of new products. Primarily, these tasks come from automotive industry. Already at an early stage, new vehicles are being computer-tested for construction design and material selection.

An optimum crash behaviour and weight saving often are opposite goals. Here, crash simulations can offer compromises between a design as light as possible and a safe passenger compartment. This reduces the number of expensive crash tests as well as development time.

By this method, the behaviour of packed components during transport can be as well described as containment analysis e.g. during bursting of grinding wheels or rotating pump impellers.

 Areas of Application

  •  Passenger protection
  •  Front-/Rear/-Side-Impact
  •  Pedestrian protection
  •  Grid generation
  •  Drop tests
  •  Component tests
  •  Bumper tests
  •  Safety belt and car seat tensile tests
  •  Sledge tests
  •  Crashes of complete vehicles
  •  Integrated Crash-FE-Dummy-Simulation
  •  Airbag folding and validation
  •  Containment


 Practical Examples


 Applied Software

  •  ABAQUS explizit
  •  LS-DYNA
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