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Deep drawing simulation

Deep Drawing Simulation


Especially the automotive industry is under greatest pressure of reducing development times. Thus, requirements concerning deep-drawn work pieces to be manufactured are increasing constantly (e.g. demand for even lighter vehicles). Consequently, complexity of the forming tools' dimensioning is continuosly growing. Geometies of the sheet metal parts as well as the purely mechanical functions of tools are growing ever more complex. Ultra high-strength steels and aluminium materials are increasingly being used, the experience of which regarding deep drawing properties is very limited up to now.

Therefore, deep drawing simulation is mostly applied in this area, enabling statements on feasibility, complexity and process reliability already in the run-up to process layout. It is an essential tool of process planning for the reduction of costs and development times.

Virtual process analyses provide workpiece-specific information on:

 Process parameters such as drawing machine geometry including position of draw beads
 Maschine parameters such as blank holder pressure and drawing force distribution
 Expected foldings and crackers
 Plate thickness, strain and stress distribution
 Plate dimension

During deep drawing simulation, application parameters such as deformation degree, inlet radius or draw rate as well as forming and holding-down force can be optimized via computer long before the tool has been designed and installed in the press.

 Application Ranges

  •  Single- and multi-stage deep drawing processes
  •  Creasing, folding, flanging
  •  Cutting, boring
  •  Stretch drawing
  •  Ironing
  •  Thick sheet metal forming
  •  Hydroforming (IHU internal high pressure forming)
  •  Hydromechanical deep drawing
  •  Determination of printing plates of printed metal packages


 Applied Software

  •  HyperForm
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