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Cold Aisle Containment for Server Racks

Cold Aisle Containment for Server Racks


 Task / Calculation

The objective of this study is to optimize cold aisle containment for a server room by numerical simulation and thus to minimize energy costs by specific optimization of the flow field. The study involves two steps:

  •  As-is status: Cold aisle containment under the complete raised floor of the server room
  •  Optimized geometry: Air supply via channel, optimal flow of the racks

Kaltgang-Einhausung    Optimierte Kaltgang-Einhausung



In both tests, inlet temperature is constantly defined with T = 20°C. Due to geometry changes, the required air-mass flow could be reduced by approx. 7%. As air flow is conducted directly to the open mesh floor in the second variant, an optimal flow of the server room is achieved.

Thus, the required power consumption of the air conditioner can be reduced considerably, since, on the one hand, less air-mass flow has to be cooled and secondly pumping capacity is being reduced.



Flow field before

Flow field after optimization


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