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External Aerodynamics

External Aerodynamics


Since the middle of 2008, the STEP1 network (Sport-Prototype Team Engineering Project1) has been developing a modern sport- prototype racing car. In the meantime, the STEP1-team consists of a considerable number of companies and individuals amongst others from the following sectors: development, computation, production, technical testing and marketing. They want to jointly contribute to the development of the car with their particular competences.

Basis of the racing car with the type designation MiKar C301B is the E2/C3 vehicle class of the FIA regulation for two-seated, open sports cars. Hill climbs are individual time trials on rising routes, which typically are cordoned-off roads, with a finish line situated higher than the starting line. For the time being, the car will be introduced at hill climb championships.


 Task / Calculation

  •  CFD-analysis of the air flow around the vehicle
  •  cW-cA- coefficient optimization: "More downforce, less drag"
  •  Adjustment of the aerodynamic balance
  •  Dimensioning and optimization of single components (front wing/rear wing)
  •  Time-efficient development of various aerodynamic setups








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