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Multi-body simulation

Multi-body simulation


Multi-body simulation deals with all kinetic and kinematic subjects. These include motion sequences e.g. of wheel suspensions, gears, pumps, hydraulic lifts, cranes, wipers.

By means of multi-body simulation loads are being determined resulting from mechanisms and mass inertia of a system. These loads can be used for the determination of deformations and stresses in mechanical simulation calculations.

The simulation of multi-body systems also provides the option to fastly test different kinematics and find optimized solutions. With multi-body simulation, also structure-borne sound levels of periodically working machines can be determined and optimized.

The sector of multi-body simulation and structural mechanics FEM are increasingly growing together. Within MBS programmes, elastic FE components can be integrated, FE codes such as ABAQUS und ANSYS offer the opportunity of describing joints. Currently, we rather see the development of MBS functionality being adopted into FE programmes and the impact kinematic loads directly being analyzed in the FE model.

 Application Ranges

  •  Kinetic and kinematic investigations
  •  Driving simulation
  •  Force paths and bending moments in gears and mechanisms
  •  Stability analyses
  •  Optimization of unbalaned masses and levelling compounds
  •  Structure-borne sound calculations


 Practical Examples


 Applied Software

  •  ADAMS
  •  Pro/Mechanica Motion
  •  HyperWorks MotionSolve
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