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Structural analysis

Structural Analysis, FEM Calculation


The main tasks of structural analysis are calculations, simulations and the optimization of components and complex modules for the determination of physical properties. We receive our tasks from most different industries.

For solving the problems, we use proven software packages on most modern hardware with state-of-the-art technology.

 Areas of application

 Strength (linear and non-linear)
 Life cycle analysis
 Contact (with/without friction)
 Perfect plastic behaviour
 Stress-strain dependance
 Strain hardening
 Cyclic plasticity
 Dynamics / Vibration
 Modal analysis (determination of natural frequency)
 Frequency response analysis
 Random analysis
 Harmonic analysis
 Impact analysis
 Spectrum analysis
 Rubber and gascet calculation
 Thermal shock
 Linear buckling according to Euler
 Non-linear buckling
 Bifurcation buckling
 Elastoplastic buckling
 Thermal tasks
 Polymer calculations
 Earthquake simulation
 FSI Fluid-Structure-Interaction


 Practical Examples


 Applied Software

  •  Abaqus
  •  Ansys
  •  Nastran
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