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Comparison of Testing and Calculation of a Belt Rack

Comparison of Testing and Calculation of a Belt Rack


 Task / Calculation

Concerning a belt rack, a real experiment has been conducted, which now is to be simulated via Finite Element Method (FEM). It is to be examined in how far computational results and statements are congruent with the test results in order to create the basis for prospectively avoiding numerous tests regarding e.g. constructional modifications.

Belt racks are part of the occupant restraint system in vehicles to which the safety belts are being attached. The main objective is to ensure maximum security with increasingly lighter and more compact design.


 Target / Profit

Strength analysis in consideration of contact, non-linear material properties and substantial deformations.



Deformations and forces correspond very well. Correct reproduction of plastic strains was only partially possible.



Comparison of testing and calculation



 Applied Software


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