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Structural Analysis of a Feeding Tub

Structural Analysis of a Feeding Tub


 Task / Calculation

  •  Strength test of a welded design (feeding tub for containers) in consideration of a potential modular assembly
  •  Shell structure in the modular model
  •  Determination of weld stress on basis of the structure stress concept
  •  Dimensioning of screws in a detailed model by means of resulting forces

FEM Feeding Tub   Calculation Feeding Tub


 Target / Profit

  •  Simulation of the means of transport by crane resp. lift truck
  •  Determination of critical stress during lock in
  •  Optimization of critical sectors
  •  Structural integrity assessment
  •  Screw design

FEM Feeding Tub



  •  By sensible simplifications the complex structure can be optimised
  •  Stress can be reduced by up to 57 % at a low increase in mass
  •  Transport with lift truck slightly more favourable than transport with crane

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