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Tsunami Simulation

Tsunami Simulation


Simulation of the impact of a wave front on a building (e.g. floods, inundation, tsunami)

Direct fluid-structure coupling via Euler-Lagrange algorithm

By the simulation of the impact of a wave front on a building most varied failure mechanisms can be detected: Bursting of the building walls due to the impact of water, Examination of the water level in the bulding and more.

Moreover, within this simulation, many different parts of a building with possible bursting (e.g. windows and doors) can be created and examined additionally.



In the following example, the impact of an 10 meter-high wave front with a speed of 30 m/s on a building with a surface area of 18 x 18 meters is simulated. Here, a romm with the size of 140 x 100 x 40 meters (length x breadth x height) has been examined.