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Simulation in Shipbuilding

Simulation in Shipbuilding


Stress analysis for Beluga Chartering GmbH

The wholly-owned subsidiary belongs to the Beluga Project and Heavy Lift Shipping Group headquartered in Bremen. According to the ILS Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics, Beluga is the global leader in the standard heavy lift sector with crane capacities of more than 250 tons.

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Beluga was commissioned with the shipping of seven rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) from China to Italy. Each gantry crane was 30 m long, 13 m wide and 26 m high, there was a starboard-side jut of 12 m. The freighting plan was calculated by Beluga Engineering Team, the 2x120 on-board cranes had lifted the gantry cranes on deck.

In advance, SALTA ENGINEERING had analyzed the stress of the deck caused by the loading and sea transport of these gantry cranes, weighing 200 tons each. Regarding loading and positioning of the RTGs on board of the multipurpose heavy lift project carrier, SALTA ENGINEERING had drawn up corresponding recommendations.

Simulation Schiffbau FEM

The corresponding simulations were performed by Merkle & Partner on behalf of SALTA ENGINEERING.


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