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Tensile Test

Tensile Test


This simulation is to describe the most simple failure criterion in FEM simulation. Here, all elements with a damage of value 1 are to be deleted. The limit value was set at a breaking elongation of A5 = 26%. If an element's plastic strain exceeds this value, damage starts. With a further increasing strain, element stress decreases. If strain reaches 0 N/mm, the element is damaged to 100%, will be deleted and will no longer have any influence on further FEM calculations.

The following calculation parameters were taken into consideration:

- Bi-linear constitutive equations
- Consideration of the technical stress-strain pattern
- Rm = 370 N/mm²
- Rp0,2 = 235 N/mm²
- A5 = 26%

Tensile specimen DIN 50125 Form A
d0 = 10 mm
from the material S235.

Static test without time integration.




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