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Merkle & Partner are your specialists for calculations in the technical and engineering sector!

Merkle & Partner (founded in 1989) is one of the first companies for calculations in the technical and engineering sector in Germany.

Today Merkle & Partner has about 50 employees in Heidenheim, Hamburg and Homburg/Saar. Every year we solve up to 500 customer problems with our knowledge in structure analysis, fluid mechanics and virtual product development.

Therefore we use the latest and most powerful software and hardware.

Leading companies of machine engineering, plant engineering, aviation, aerospace, automotive industrie and shipbuilding are our customers.

We are your reliable partner when it comes to technical simulations and efficient product development.
Your success is what drives us.
We develop our strategies and solutions and face new challenges every day.
Quality is our top priority.
Our knowledge and skills are in the minds of our highly trained and highly motivated employees.
We offer our employees interesting, varied tasks and exciting topics.

Service overview Merkle & Partner

Core competencies Merkle & Partner

The great success of the Merkle & Partner projects lies in the many years of experience, in the qualified employees and the extremely diverse core competencies of our engineering offices. Find out more about our core competencies below and let yourself be inspired in detail in the following pages.

The finite element method (FEM) is known for the strength and deformation analysis of solids.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is basically an inexpensive alternative to experiments in wind or water channels. “We cannot change the wind, but we can set sail differently” – Aristotle.

The multi-body simulation is the simulation that deals with all kinetic and kinematic tasks. This includes movements of e.g. wheel suspensions, gears, pumps, lifts, cranes, chair gears and wipers.

Modern product developments with ever shorter development times and the fastest possible market launch can only be realized if data redundancy is consistently avoided.

At the engineering office Merkle & Partner the focus of ongoing method development is on the provision of methods for the consistent functional design of all components.

In our experience, the main area of application of the FE analysis shifts with increasing acceptance from damage analysis to design. However, claims are still a classic application of FEM and a main area of activity for Merkle & Partner.

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The Merkle & Partner Hedgehog Principle


The term hedgehog principle comes from Jim Collins, who investigated in “The Way to the Best” what makes exceptionally successful companies.

All examined companies had one thing in common. They asked themselves these 3 questions:

And based your actions on these points. What can a hedgehog do best? He curls up, sets up his spikes and is therefore not vulnerable to his enemies. Hence the hedgehog principle.

Our hedgehog principle

What do we do differently and better?

Our engineers are:

Contact our engineering office:

Stefan Merkle

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