New homepage - sometimes it takes two attempts

A year and a half ago, I was torn about what to do with our homepage.



After all, Merkle & Partner's homepage had been around since the 90s and it had real oomph when I looked at the comparison with large market companions that were founded years later.

Scary examples were still on the first page of Google, if not on position 1, 2 or 3, but after advertising. But with paid advertising anyone can do it and if anyone does....

On the other hand, the homepage was old-fashioned and dusty, something more is possible.

So it was time not only to give it a new look, but also to relaunch it. Away from "I'm an architect and I build houses" to what's on your mind, what benefits you get when you have Merkle & Partner as a partner and how we can help you save time, money and nerves.

Often you do not even know what else we can offer you.

Another important point is that sometimes you don't even know whether the topic that has brought you to our homepage belongs to the field of flow, structure or pressure vessel and can be solved by simulation.

But you know where the shoe pinches you (too hot, too expensive, breaks down, competitors better or cheaper...).

So everything should be faster and easier for you: one point of contact, our central sales department.

Unfortunately, the first relaunch of our homepage last year went thoroughly into the pants. The cooperation with the advertising agency at the time resulted in waiting times of initially 12 seconds on the new Merkle & Partner homepage, which was then reduced to 4 seconds, but I never wait that long on a homepage myself and then I'm off. More optimization was not possible with the old agency.

After the first relaunch, the number of visitors crashed to half in a few months, understandable with such a sad performance, for which I would like to apologize.

After looking into the problem with the help of another agency, it turned out that the programming was very unprofessional and we were dragging a rat tail of problems with us. Therefore, I pulled the ripcord at the beginning of the year and we had the homepage completely rebuilt and the relaunch re-planned. Now that it was also possible to access the individual articles without any problems and without long waiting times, we updated and spruced up our old corpses again. Not quite finished yet, something west still in the basement, but I think our new appearance is more than successful.

Do you think so too? Have a look for yourself.



What I personally like the most after the new relaunch: You can filter examples exactly for your industry and topic.

And yes, the response times are in the range of less than a second.

If you like something, write it to me. And if you don't like something, write it to me too. That's the only way we can get better. Gladly also in the comment function to this blog.

I want you not only to be informed, but also to enjoy reading.

On the subject of sales: We have also given it a new, old look, or rather we are back to the roots here. You will once again speak directly with the technical contacts you are familiar with when it comes to possible tasks. Everything else did not work as I would like it to for you.

Your Stefan Merkle

PS: The old scary examples and the scary videos are still there, but with new text and new pictures.

PPS: If you find errors, half so bad. A quick note and we'll fix it. If you are the first to find a mistake, you will get a little surprise as a thank you.