Damaging Event?

We support you in the event of damage

In our experience, the main area of application of the FE analysis shifts with increasing acceptance from damage analysis to design. However, claims are still a classic application of FEM and a main area of activity for Merkle & Partner.

If components fail within the promised lifespan, there are high costs for replacing the component itself, for consequential damage, as well as for loss of production or product recalls. A large number of these damages would have been recognizable through the early use of numerical simulations in the design or construction phase. For this reason, avoiding the damage according to the saying “prevention is better than cure” is preferable.

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  • Damage analysis

Damage analysis for components and machines

Despite all care in the development process of structures and components, the occurrence of damage cannot always be ruled out. Effects that are not in focus during the design phase are often the cause.

The analysis of damage is often a long process, which on the one hand requires knowledge of the basic physical processes, but also a lot of experience in the field of damage analysis and a targeted approach.

Merkle und Partner, with almost 30 years of experience in damage analysis of various assemblies and components, will be happy to assist you with the very demanding topic of damage analysis.

With future-oriented methods of optimization combined with modern CAE tools from FEM and CFD, we are not only able to determine the cause of damage using appropriate simulations, but also offer suggestions for optimization with subsequent verification from a single source.

Your advantage – we accompany the entire process!

  • Detailed damage analysis and determination of the cause of the damage using the exclusion procedure
  • Simulation of damage generation using modern CAE software
  • Investigation and evaluation of repair measures
  • Optimization of the structure for new construction
  • Proof of strength of the optimized structure

Avoid further and unnecessary costs in the event of damage through a professional approach with MERKLE & PARTNER, a very experienced and efficient partner, and win back the trust of your customers!

Use cases of damage analysis

In the case of a dryer, the weld seams on the drum base were torn at regular intervals and were re-welded at great expense. The cause was high thermomechanical stresses when the system was started up. The mathematical proof showed that the permissible voltages were exceeded by a factor of 3. Repair concepts using gusset plates were evaluated. The drum base was completely redesigned and optimized by MERKLE & PARTNER so that the permissible stresses in the weld seam could be maintained.

A dryer caused cracks in the axle connection. A mathematical explanation, which corresponded to the crack pattern, could only be found in the circular bend. However, the tensions were within the permissible range. After corresponding questions from the operator, we were able to determine that the dryer was completely filled with water for cleaning purposes and ran for several days. This load case was never considered and showed impermissibly high tensions. By avoiding the critical operating condition, the repaired condition could be continued until a new dryer was manufactured.

There were breaks in the grounding contacts of rail vehicles. The cause was inherent resonance of the attachment. Constructive measures could be taken so that the natural frequencies are in an uncritical range.

Application areas

  • Collection of information on the occurrence of damage
  • Definition of boundary conditions and loads
  • Recalculation of the component
  • Explanation of the damage
  • Suggestions for avoiding damage
  • Component optimization

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