Do you need mathematical proof?

Do you need evidence for your customer according to a certain standard?

We are very familiar with all current standards and provide you with a certificate so that your customers are also satisfied.

Here is a selection of the standards that we can use for our calculations:

  • DIN EN 13155
  • DIN EN 61373
  • BV 0430/0440
  • MIL-STD 810 D/167
  • FKM-Richtlinie
  • VDI 2230
  • DIN EN 13001
  • AD 2000-Regelwerk
  • ASME, Sec. 8, Div. 1+2
  • ASME, Sec. 3
  • DIN EN 13445
  • DIN EN 1591
  • PD 5500
  • KTA
  • RCC-M
  • DIN EN 1990, Eurocode 0, EC 0
  • DIN EN 1991, Eurocode 1, EC 1
  • DIN EN 1993, Eurocode 3, EC 3
  • DIN EN 1998, Eurocode 8, EC 8
  • DIN EN 1999, Eurocode 9, EC 9
  • IBC
  • SIA
  • IEEE693
  • GOST
  • ATEX
  • AISC
  • API

Topics on this page

  • Mathematical proof
  • Pressure loss
  • Earthquake
  • Pressure vessels

Proof of operating loads, pressure vessels and more

We provide evidence of static or dynamic operating loads, as well as for special load cases such as accidents, earthquakes (EC, IBC, ASCE, SIA, GOST, NSCP, ASME, RCC-M, KTA etc.), wind loads (DIN EN 1991-1-4, IBC, ASCE7) and snow loads (DIN EN 1991-1-3). The relevant standards / specifications also regulate the load case combinations and the load frequency that must be secured.

We provide certificate of pressure vessels in accordance with the relevant guidelines (AD 2000, DIN EN 13445, ASME, CODAP etc.)

We create type statistics, which is useful if a static construction of the same or similar design is to be set up or used in several locations. Your advantage: The verification of stability is only checked once, but tested construction can be used repeatedly. The effort for testing is one-time higher, but saves a lot of work and time later.

You will find clever solutions with us

Contact our engineering office:

Stefan Merkle
  • +49 (0) 7321 9343-0
  • kontakt@merkle-partner.de


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