Too Complex?

Multi-phases, complex physics, complex assemblies?

Life is sometimes very complex, but sometimes quite simple.

Constructions and their certifications can also look quite complex.

I see the trend particularly in the area of ​​calculation. First putting everything in a calculation model, then afterwards being horrified to find that the results are not available at all because the calculation takes years or the result is not plausible. Sometimes you can see that there is a problem, but since everything in the computing model is what hardware and software can provide, you don’t know what to do.

There are two maxims that have accompanied me in my calculation life. The first one is:

1. The best calculation model is the simplest model that shows exactly why I started an invoice.
2. Make it simple, but not too simple

Both say roughly the same thing: try to concentrate on the essentials and do not make it unnecessarily complicated. In the best case, complexity only costs you time, in the worst case you cannot make an assertion.

If you are able to see the simple things, you can set up and evaluate even the most complex models.

When we put entire vehicles on our virtual test benches to make statements about whether the oil is cooled or whether there is a risk of a vehicle going up in flames after driving, we have complex models combined with complex physics.

Determining the oil distribution of a rotating twelve-speed gearbox in a right turn is complex physics with the most complex geometry.

We can calculate that and, more importantly, we can evaluate it. Because we are sure of the basics and understand them.

Use our know-how for your tasks.

Topics on this page

  • Multiphases
  • Complex assemblies
  • Complex physics
  • Gear oiling

Example gear oiling 2.0

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