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Produktentwicklung im Home Office (GER)
April 2020 |,

The testing in development departments is also put to the test by Corona at times. Because real tests or trials cannot be carried out or can only be carried out with great difficulty. New technologies allow virtual tests under realistic conditions -even from the home office.

Simulationen lösen komplexe Berechnungen der Antriebstechnik (GER)
März 2020 |

When developing an oil-cooled clutch brake, the simulation experts at an engineering office reduced the use of resources.

Richtig planen mit der Gebäudebrandsimulation (GER)
Januar 2020 | RECKNAGEL online,

For the correct design of buildings and underground car parks, Merkle & Partner offers an economic simulation that enables quick and efficient studies on smoke extraction from buildings.

3D-Druckteile wirtschaftlich simulieren (GER)
Dezember 2019 |

Merkle & Partner is working together with Aalen Hochschule on a research project to better simulate and evaluate 3D printed components.

Entwicklung 4.0: Auslegung von Prüfkammern mit Hilfe von Simulationstechnologien

The compressive strength, or the burst pressure at which a component may fail, must be demonstrated in tests. The respective test chamber must be designed in such a way that damage to systems, buildings or facilities is avoided.

Virtuelles Prototyping bei modernen Verbundwerkstoffen (GER)
September 2019 |,

Plastic composites are among the materials of the future. With a special simulation method, the calculation expert Merkle & Partner now also offers realistic calculation methods for complex material structures.

Wie kann man die Wertschöpfung im Prototyping erhöhen? (GER)
September 2019 | Konstruktion & Entwicklung

Merkle & Partner offers a predictable simulation method for complex geometries and multi-body simulations, such as gear oiling.

Crash-sichere Leichtbaustrukturen: Innovatives Simulationsverfahren entwickelt (GER)
Dezember 2018 | PresseBox

Engineering office Merkle und Partner from Heidenheim develops innovative simulation methods for a more precise design of crash-proof, complex lightweight structures.

Ströme simulieren (GER)

Oktober 2016 | Automobil Industrie

The Heidenheim simulation experts from Merkle & Partner have been members of the “Sportprototype Team Engineering Project-1”, or Step-1 for short, since 2008. In October 2016, the automotive industry published a special edition for this unique network.

25 Jahre Merkle & Partner in Heidenheim (GER)

Oktober 2014 | Heidenheimer Zeitung

25 years ago, Stefan Merkle founded his company Merkle & Partner in a small office in Schnaitheim, which has now grown into a renowned engineering office for simulation and development with around 50 employees and other locations …

Ich genieße es, wenn aus Träumen Wirklichkeit wird (GER)

April 2014 | HEIMSPIEL – Magazin des 1. FC Heidenheim 1846

Starting a company was and is a journey into the unknown. But the decision to give up the security of a regular income did not arise for Stefan Merkle. He founded in 1989 immediately after completing his studies …

Simulation of the Temperature Distribution in Automotive Head Lamps (ENG)
März 2011 | NAFEMS International Journal of CFD Case Studies

The design of head lamps plays an important part in the development process of modern cars as it contributes significantly to the first impression of a car. However, beyond the design aspect technical requirements have to be fulfilled. These are foremost the lighting …

Computersimulation zur Verlängerung der Lebensdauer von Wischeranlagen (GER)

High-tech in the car: That means high-performance engine, carbon body and wipers. The inconspicuous wipers have long since developed into complex, state-of-the-art constructions. To test new designs, Bosch uses …

Mit Computersimulationen Sicherheit und Effizienz neuer Maschinengenerationen prüfen (GER)
Mai 2009 | VDI-Z – Integrierte Produktion

Wood fibers are the basis for various products, from fiber boards and molded parts for the automotive industry to thermal insulation material. To obtain these fibers, wood chips are ground at high temperatures in “pressure refiners” under steam pressure …

Computersimulation prüft neuen Druckrefiner auf Sicherheit und Effizienz (GER)
Mai 2009 | holztechnologie

The high temperatures and the steam pressure in a pressure refiner pose a great challenge for system designers, because despite all the exposure, the device has to work with high precision and must not deform or even burst …

Scheibenwischer auf dem virtuellen Prüfstand (GER)
Dezember 2008 | elektronikJOURNAL

Automobiles and high-tech – a prankster who doesn’t think of high-performance engines, carbon bodies and electronic driving aids. However: the indispensable windshield wipers have more of a shadowy existence …

Kupplung mit Krallen (GER)
Juli 2008 | Gefährliche Ladung

An engineering office for Emco Wheaton has developed a new hydraulic quick-release coupling for loading liquefied natural gas. It makes the charging process safer and more efficient.

Berechnung statt Statistik (GER)
Juli 2008 | Zeitschrift für Versicherungswesen

While computer simulations are increasingly used in insurance against natural disasters, many property insurers consider such model calculations in their field of work to be too expensive or too complex. It is overlooked that …

Schwimmende Bombe entschärft (GER)
Juni 2008 | ke – Fachwissen kompakt für Konstrukteur und Entwickler

The complex pipeline system is no longer sufficient to meet the global demand for natural gas. Instead, more and more tankers are being used for liquefied natural gas (LNG). On the other hand, the …

Sicheres Verladen von Erdgas (GER)
Juni 2008 | Technische Überwachung

The complex pipeline system is no longer sufficient to meet the global demand for natural gas. Instead, more and more tankers are being used for liquefied natural gas (LNG). On the other hand, the …

Mehr als 120 Simulationen wurden durchgerechnet (GER)

A loading arm with the new coupling construction has been in use in a terminal in Middlesbrough, England, since January 2007. Two more have already been delivered, one of them to Kuwait. “So far we have only had positive feedback …

Neuartige hydraulische Schnellverschlusskupplung für Schiffe (GER)
April 2008 | GWF – Gas Erdgas

Natural gas is currently experiencing a huge increase in demand of natural gas. According to the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, 2.8 trillion cubic meters of the cheap alternative to oil were consumed worldwide in 2005. The complex pipeline system …

Defusing the "floating bomb" (ENG)
April 2008 | Process Technology & Automation SELECT

Natural gas is currently experiencing a massive increase in demand with 2.8 trillion cubic meters of the affordable alternative to petroleum being consumed worldwide in 2005 according to the Feder Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources …

Prevention is better than cure (ENG)
Februar 2008 | BUSINESS Mag

Any company that develops and produces technical products is forced to meet growing requirements on product quality and cut the total time to market and costs at the same time. Virtual prototypes or numerical simulations are increasingly used to achieve …

Ingenieure entschärfen die "schwimmende Bombe" (GER)
Februar 2008 | wissen + technik

New type of hydraulic quick release coupling for ships makes loading natural gas safer. Development of the unique coupling construction took place entirely in the computer …

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