Strategy days in the Alte Posthalterei

Twice a year, I go into retreat with my management team to adjust and align our company strategy for Merkle & Partner in a beautiful environment in order to be able to respond even faster and better to your requirements as customers.

merkle-partner-old-post office

The last few years we were always at Lautrach Castle. Unfortunately, Corona threw a spanner in the works for the last two dates and we had to look for another solution at short notice.

In June of this year, our choice fell on the Alte Posthalterei in Zusmarshausen.

The history of the inn goes back to the year 1648. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the post office was conveniently located on the only postal route from Vienna to Paris, which is why famous people from all over the world stopped off here.

Thus, the later French queen and then Austrian Archduchess Marie Antoinette is said to have made a stopover in the spring of 1770, which went down in the history books through her "empathic" cake quote. Napoleon was also among the guests of the house for three days in 1805, probably under different management at that time :).

Today, several roads lead from Vienna to Paris and the old carriage roads had to give way to the A8 at some point, which we used to arrive by carriage with a little more horsepower.

In a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, interspersed with delicious meals and walks together, we were able to devote ourselves to the current issues at Merkle & Partner and work out solutions together.

Early in the morning, a round of jogging was on the agenda, at least for the most motivated, Maik and me.

Especially marketing topics and a relaunch of the Merkle & Partner homepage were on the agenda. Be curious what has been done here. We will come up with a completely new design, which will go live in August.

But topics on process optimization and employee recruitment were also on the agenda.

Looking back, the corona year 2020 was very successful for Merkle & Partner, and the first two quarters of 2021 were among the best in the company's history.

So I can only thank my management team and my employees for making it all possible.

And of course to you, our customers, for the trust you place in us.

Your Stefan Merkle

PS: A few more impressions