Structure-borne sound

Sound that propagates within a body is called structure-borne sound. This includes different phenomena such as vibrations and earthquakes or the transmission of vibrations in buildings, vehicles and machines.

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Calculation of fatigue with regard to structure-borne noise

Piston machines or other periodically operating machines introduce vibrations from inertial forces, e.g. into foundations, ship decks or vehicle bodies, which are perceived as disturbing. Therefore, limit values are specified that must not be exceeded.

The limit values are often frequency-dependent and are described via permissible limit curves of the acceleration level at the base points (bearing points). In order to reduce the vibration input into the bearing points, the systems are decoupled via elastic mounts.

Merkle & Partner masters the complete virtual process from the generation of the periodic forces using MBS models, to the elastic response of the system using FE calculations, to the calculation of the acceleration level as a function of frequency using a Fourier transformation from the time results. Resonances can be detected and corrected. The mount stiffnesses can be optimized in a targeted manner. So the results are known before the machines are built and tested!