When simulation becomes reality

Transmissions in modern vehicles are high-performance components. From the housing to the bearings with gap tolerances in the micro range, all components must be perfectly matched. Often the development results only become clear in the precise oiling of all rotating components in the transmission. With the new method "M&P-ÖlSim" of Merkle & Partner from Heidenheim, the complete gearbox can be simulated in realistic load situations using different calculation and test characteristics. This is a clear step forward compared to previous, more academically oriented test models.

streamline by-oil distribution

Modern vehicle transmissions have to deliver a lot of power, but at the same time keep fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions as low as possible. This can only be achieved with precise lubrication of all rotating components in a transmission. Particular attention is paid to the bearings, as they are responsible for the friction-free movement of the gears.

If the oil level is too low, the gearbox heats up. No manufacturer can afford bearing damage or high wear. If too much oil is used, the performance of the transmission is drastically reduced.

The developers meet the challenge of optimum oiling with conventional experiments. This involves intensive testing of a glass gear unit on a test rig. The fact that this method is very time-consuming, expensive and often inaccurate can be guessed even without technical studies. The behavior of a transmission in real situations such as cornering, acceleration or extreme temperature differences is very difficult to reproduce in this way.

For this purpose, the experts for flow simulation at Merkle & Partner have developed the virtual procedure "M&P-ÖlSim" in cooperation with several OEMs.

Using a three-dimensional virtual gearbox, the distribution of the oil at any point in time can be analyzed and visualized as an image or animation. All important components such as gear pairings, shafts, bearings and oil conducting elements are considered. At the same time, physical effects such as high temperature differences or centrifugal forces during cornering can be taken into account. Thus, valuable statements about the oil supply of all important components can be made already in an early stage of the transmission development.

M&P-ÖlSim will be presented on 06.07.2017 at the technical conference "Multiphase Flows in Automotive Applications" in Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

Merkel & Partner will clarify exactly how the simulation of oil distribution proceeds in free webinars at www.beoelung.de.

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