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Pressure Vessel Calculation

Pressure vessels are closed vessels whose internal pressure is different from the ambient pressure.

Merkle & Partner is an expert in the field of calculating complex vessels that can no longer be calculated using analytical methods or simplified approaches. The assessment is carried out based on finite element models of any given geometry. Complex loads or stresses affecting a component's fatigue strength can also be investigated. These include:

Thermal shock due to extremely cold or hot fluids (liquid gas, coolant, etc.)
Earthquake or explosion pressure wave
Dynamic flange load resulting from pressure surges
Temporally variable (transient) pressure/temperature stresses affecting a component's fatigue strength

The resulting deformations and stresses can be evaluated in accordance with all current regulations and standards
(ASME Sec. III + VIII, KTA, EN 13445, AD2000, etc.).

Calculations made using the finite element method (FEA) helps our customers save time and money and can already give indications about possible weak points and optimization potential as early as in the development phase.

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