Areas of Application and References

Areas of application

Pressure vessels are used in a wide variety of areas, such as:

Storage containers in the oil and gas industry
Compressed air vessels
Tank trailers and containers
Pressure accumulator vessel
Heat exchangers
Process engineering vessels and appliances (e.g. columns)
Heated / cooled vessels that are part of a system
Separators / collectors / filters

Reference customers

Below you will find a selection of our customers from the pressure vessel field:

Allweiler GmbH
Cofely Refrigeration GmbH
Rütschi Fluid AG
Friotherm Deutschland GmbH
Andritz AG
Sulzer Pumpen GmbH

Customer testimonials

We have been working together for years with Merkle & Partner in the FE calculation of pressure vessels. Since the components to be calculated must meet high safety requirements, success depends on the highest quality of work and absolute reliability of the calculation partner. Merkle & Partner fulfill both of these criteria.
C. Schuler - Head of structural mechanics and dynamics, KSB Aktiengesellschaft
After we had previously had bad experiences with two other engineering firms, we have now found an extremely competent service provider in Merkle & Partner. They were even able to impress a difficult customer like us. We found the manager of the Hamburg branch, Mr. Alexander Haas, to be very reliable and competent partner. We can recommend you Merkle & Partner as a service provider.
A.P. - Head of design