Merkle & Partner Portfolio

Merkle & Partner has years of experience dealing with diverse structural verification, structural analysis, optimization and flow stimulations, including of:

Pressure storage containers in the oil and gas industry
Refrigeration systems from the power plant area
Heat exchangers
Heated / cooled vessels that are part of a system

Pressure vessels and pumps at Merkle & Partner

The various types of load or stress can be calculated and verified within the FEM using various calculation methods and procedures.

Thermal shock
Calculation of the temporally variant (transient) temperature distribution in the component, which serves as the basis for the thermo-mechanical stress analysis, which is in turn rated according to the applicable standards.

Calculation simplified by means of static replacement acceleration or detailed by means of response spectrum analysis.

Explosion pressure wave
Static or transient calculation in the time domain.

Pressure surges
Evaluation of strength according to the applicable standard. Methods with elastic-plastic material behavior are recommended for this.

Fatigue strength
Calculation of the stresses over time, which form the basis for the calculation of a component's fatigue. Evaluation of fatigue strength according to the specified standards.